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email: r h e t t t @ g m a i l . c o m
phone: 4 0 2 7 7 0 7 0 9 2
business: www. abprofilms .com
twitter: r h e t t m c c l u r e
facebook: j r h e t t m c
youtube: /d j r h e t t m c
Nebraska Independent Film Projects: www. nifp .org

Animation I produced for Tobacco Free Nebraska

Vehicle Secondhand Smoke 2015

SnitilyCarr + 42 + Cornerstone + Firespring = FIRESPRING

Snitily Carr Advertising is merging with digital agency 42 and Cornerstone Printing under the parent company Firespring.

I'm excited about working with great new clients and delivering a whole lot more KINDS of projects to current clients.

Equally excited about the physical workspace!

And the people!

But the 'company values' section just ices the cake.

Cheers to the future!

President of RhettBrand Awareness.

Lower Platte South Natural Resources District - Parallax TV 2014

I composited and edited this motion graphics spot for the LPS NRD.

Portfolio Reel Fall 2012

Rhett's demo reel with descriptions of what job I did on each project.

Sizzle Reel Fall 2012

Remix edit of all my recent portfolio work.

I SHOT THIS: 2011 University of Nebraska Tunnel Walk (player shots from :35 to :50, shot on RED ONE MX)

A shoot for work. Shot R3D on Red One MX.

I SHOT THIS: 2011 University of Nebraska B1G commercial. (I shot R3D aerial shots out of a 1969 Helicopter)

Experience of a lifetime! Aerial shots by AB PRODUCTIONS. Airing nationally all this fall during Nebraska football games!

AB Productions official website is LIVE

Visit for info on our moviefilms.
Jake directs
Seth produces
Rhett pushes buttons
AB Productions
plus generously talented friends, interns and relatives. Thank you all!

Enjoy the show! TRUNK'D is in the oven cooling off.


Russ's Market THEATER Fruit

I edited this :15 Theater slide for SnitilyCarr Advertising

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