Rhett is a true Renaissance man and a video producing beast. If you ever have a chance to work with him – in the words of the Goddess Nike – just do it. – Jay Wilkinson

Rhett is a master planner. He always prepares for shoots and triple checks all the needs. Gear, talent, permissions, no detail escapes his list. He brings that same organization to workflow and managing of data. Rhett was always creating white papers to make sure all productions were organized and consistent. He truly loves the craft of visual communications as is readily evident by his active leadership in the independent production community. Rhett consistently pushes for more opportunity and for the use of the latest technology/trends. He has an insatiable appetite for production knowledge and is an invaluable resource to many in this business. – Quentin Farley

I have known and worked with Rhett McClure for nearly two years. During that time, as producer at Firespring, he has shown himself capable of producing great work and being a delight to work with. For four months, I had the pleasure of managing Rhett as part of the Motion & Sound team at Firespring. Before that, when I was working as an account manager, I worked with him on multiple projects that resulted in pleased clients and work we were proud to present.

Rhett brought many things with him to work each day: enthusiasm, experience and a drive to constantly find better ways to accomplish any task. Not a week went by when Rhett wasn’t bringing helpful articles, resources or new ideas to the table. A skilled producer and editor, Rhett always strives for excellence.

Rhett has over a decade of experience in producing work for a myriad of industries. During his time working in advertising and marketing, he stayed current with the ever-changing technical landscape of video production. His tenacity and drive positively impacted his team and his clients.

When faced with a challenge, Rhett will not stop until it’s complete. He has traveled the state of Nebraska and around the nation to film and produce videos and marketing material for national corporations. He’s worked with countless clients and other industry professionals throughout his tenure and has grown his network and skillset successfully.

Outside of work, Rhett has been involved in nonprofits and local forces within the film industry, giving back much of his knowledge to help the community. His generosity and passion for this industry is seen by his colleagues and community members alike.

Rhett is a positive and energetic force that will be missed at Firespring. He will be a great addition to his next team and have success wherever he goes. – Erin Soper

Rhett was a great producer for us. Very willing to dive right in and do what was needed to get the job done. Very creative & talented. I was very sad to see him leave. All Around Good Cat! – Travis Fox

I have worked with Rhett for more than a decade – making independent films, shooting commercial video footage from a helicopter, and managing a non-profit organization. Rhett’s greatest strengths are in his efficiency and attention to detail. He understands the equipment that he is working with and he is a “Macgyver” when it comes to maximizing the tools he has available. Rhett is an asset to any team/production he works on. – Jake Hull

It would be difficult to find a more enjoyable, fun-loving and positive person than Rhett McClure. This friendly demeanor of his is complimented by a technical experience and willingness to take on new challenges.

When I left Time Warner Cable, Rhett displayed outstanding learning agility when taking over the Webmaster position. Although he had no previous experience in that role, he did an incredible job learning new and complicated web applications/systems in a short amount of time.

Rhett’s talent for producing audio/video/multimedia goes without saying, but it is his other intangibles that make him such a valuable addition to any organization. His personality and character would be an immediate plus to any team or project. – Matt Honke

Working hand and hand with Rhett for over 5 years, I learned that he would let nothing get in his way, and he would go the extra step to make sure things worked the way he thought they should. Rhett took a lead on many of the technology needs in our department, and was a great team member when we would be out on a project. – Nate Rogers

Rhett McClure is very rare breed. Having worked with Rhett. I can honestly saying he knows a ton about the following: HD cameras, HD formats, codecs, editing, audio and motion graphic software, trends in social media, the newest consumer and professional gadgets and which is the best to implement, installing and maintaing X-Sans and anything Mac. He is always prepared, professional and a joy to work with. He is very creative, forward-thinking and fearless about trying out new looks and techniques for video. – Bill Homan

Great video requires intelligent creative vision and imagination, but it also demands technical proficiency and follow-through. Rhett brings all of these qualities to his projects. He never settles for obvious concepts. Instead, he always pushes ideas to the next level. In doing so, he makes extraordinary video that’s both professional and memorable. And when it comes to leveraging technology and new media, Rhett is always right there on the bleeding edge. – Nathan Chandler

I had the pleasure of working with Rhett, providing a voice over for a project he was putting together. He was a true professional and very easy to work with. I’d highly recommend him!

“Rhett is a media professional. He and I worked together for the 2014 United Way campaign video. He facilitated message, image, and provided feedback that resulted in a successful video and message.” – Bryan Seck

Rhett has volunteered for us when we live stream our national conference. He’s excellent in his work as a video producer and has amazing customer service skills. – Randy Hawthorne