Motion Graphics & Animation

I edited audio, did motion graphics editing, and produced this animation in Adobe After Effects using art from the awesomely talented Jim Mehsling. This won a bronze Telly in 2016.

I did 360 degree video research, pitched the idea, produced, assisted on the shoot, (Nathan Rogers shot, stitched the 6 GoPros) and and then I edited this screencap 360 degree video overview. I directed all 4 scenarios from behind a stack of Russ’s Market bread.

At the beginning of the Bo Pelini era, I produced and did all motion graphics on this animation for Nebraska Orthopaedic.

My friend Nick Maestas did a successful fundraiser for his new food truck brand Muchachos, I produced, edited, did motion graphics, and shot this in 4K on my iPhone 7 Plus.

YUM, DONUTS! I produced, edited, and did all After Effects motion graphics on this Theater :15 for Russ’s Market.

I brainstormed, produced, did all motion graphics work in After Effects, edited sound, and did final color grading on this 2010 theatre ad for Russ’s Market:

I produced, edited, and did motion graphics on the Lincoln Saltdogs 2006 TV campaign

I produced and did motion graphics in After Effects for this animated typography spot for CLAAS Harvesters 100 Year Anniversary.

With the art provided by the fabulous Amy Weichert at Snitily Carr, I animated this :30 spot for Lower Platte South Natural Resources District.

Two eight hour shoot days went into making this Tobacco Free Nebraska origami campaign, art by Linda Stephens:


I produced, directed, and edited this fun family spot for Tobacco Free Nebraska, showing the dangers of giving kids tobacco in their cereal! And secondhand smoke effects on kids. Both of those.

I produced, edited, did all motion graphics in After Effects, recorded audio and mastered all sound on this theater spot for Russ’s Market:

Pops The PPV Corn- Time Warner Cable promotion 2001.

VOD 123 Animated Mascot with customized jingle- Time Warner Cable circa 2003.

Here is a fan made VJ mix I edited together because I love THE FAINT.