Shooting Reel

Projects that I have shot video.

Timelapse videos are one of my favorite ways to tell a story that spans a long period of time.

I shot this official video for the Nebraska State Department of Economic Development brand relaunch of “Good Life: Great Opportunities”

I shot a plethora of commercials and podcasts across the state for Nebraska Tourism from 2006-2012. This is my favorite:

Had a great time shooting video at several soybean farms near my hometown for this Nebraska Soybean Board video about water conservation.

Between 2010 and 2015 I shot this series of family farm educational contest videos for the Center for Food Integrity (CMA/Look East PR). We covered over ten states in multiple branches of agriculture.

I shot this Wilbur Ellis campaign including the GoPros on the Cropdusters, GH4 UHD footage of crops.

I shot this family friendly fishing promo for Nebraska Game and Parks.

I shot this on Red Epic 5K for CLAAS Harvesters of North America circa 2013. (Drone Footage was by CopterKids, would reccomend!)

I shot this LinPepCo Bigscreen Promo that aired during the first timeout each NU home game 2016:

The shoot location for this soybean farm tour with the Bartek family near Swedeburg was approximately 3 miles from my parents farm. I went to school across town from Chad Bartek, featured here.

I shot this CHI Infant Care hospital tour on the Blackmagic Cinema 2.5K and a MoVI stabilizer.

I shot this breast cancer care spot for CHI Health on RED EPIC at 120fps

I shot IGNITE LINCOLN in 2015 and 2016 using 5 to 7 cameras including Blackmagic, Panasonic, and GoPro!

I produced, edited, color graded, and shot some of this spot for Snitily Carr Advertising

I shot and co produced a number of the NE TOURISM 2008 video podcasts on the front page of itunes store!

In 2008 I got to spend a 12 hour day flying around the state with Governor Dave Heineman, shooting footage for the Nebraska Tourism national campaign. We covered Valentine, Gothenburg, and Omaha in one day via private jet.

I shot this farm tour documenting the life of a female veterinarian in central Nebraska for the Center For Food Integrity’s “Farmers Feed Us” program.

I shot this music video with footage from the very first time I shot with AB PRODUCTIONS RED ONE MX camera.

One more example of how my Timelapse videos add compelling value to video prodcution.

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